Mr Live25 (Adrian Lewis)


  • 10 yr NASM Certified Personal Training and Performance Specialist. Specializes in weight loss and body sculpting. Transformed hundreds of bodies through the Live25 Health and Wellness Program

  • Founder Live25 Program
    • 60 Day Online Weight Loss Challenge. Centered around no weight full body exercises focused on beginners who are new to Health and Wellness. Up to 40lbs lost per challenge
    • Live25 Hip Hop Step Class. A High energy aerobic step class geared towards toning and tightening legs and core
    • Want & Work Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp. 2 Week Bootcamp centered around workouts involving Dumbbells, machines, Ropes, etc.

Hello my name is Desiree I have struggled with weight loss and making more healthy habits for most of my life. In 2014, I managed to lose 100lbs on my own. I made notebooks of different diets, nutritional guidance and workouts. However I gained weight with 2 pregnancies between 2015-2017. However in February 2021, I got serious again and have lost 60lbs. I have grown to really make healthy living more than just a habit. As of July 2021, I am now able to be a personal trainer, #WAISTED with Dez! I love getting to help other ladies make the change from healthy habits to healthy lifestyle. sSo if you are looking from someone that will really help to push you to your goal weight and can relate to you, I'm the trainer for you.

"Train like a BEAST. Look like a BEAUTY!"

Valaryan Cornish


Lubbock Christian University
Nasm Certified Personal Trainer


I am a Personal Trainer at Rocc Solid and enjoy Football and basketball. Growing up in West Texas I was always an Outside Kid and worked my way to play basketball at a collegic level. I've always been in physical shape and always enjoyed helping others so becoming a trainer was a natural thing for me knowing I could teach my friends and family while developing a career. One of the main things I enjoy about my job as a trainer is learning from the people I help train, not everyone is the same and they require different levels of attention and are in need of certain modifications to different excersises and thats where my job becomes more creative and challenging. I enjoy the meeting the challenge of changing a life, keep them consistant, pushing them to real their goals, and helping them achive a better all around lifestyle.


Youth Strength and Conditioning Camps
Personal Trianing for all ages.
Sports specific Youth Training (conditioning, speed, agility)
Women's total body strength training